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Sound Cloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows users to upload, record, share, and share music. More and more big name artists uploading tracks on the site. Actors including Sonic Youth, Moby and Beck have sounded in the cloud to leave a new track without file-size controls. There thousands of customers upload their favorite music, and you can download your favorite band or soundtrack. Now you can easily download your audio track with our helper from Sound Cloud!

To download music from Soundcloud, you must first install Helper: Install

How do I download music from Soundcloud? »
After installing the extension, you will need to go to the page containing the audio file that you want to download. To get a download link, you have to point the mouse at the equalizer and have to leave it short. Press the orange arrow key, you have the necessary link and download the mp3 file from the sound cloud. Your soundtrack is now on your device and you can listen it at any time!

How to download playlists from SoundCloud? »
If you want to quickly find sound cloud playlists, you need to download from SoundCloud to playlist page. Put your mouse on the equalizer and leave it there. Then click the playlist button and save the playlist to your computer. Your favorite playlist is now on your device and can listen!


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